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Neta is smiling with the angels

Take them home

Do you want to get to know the Angels? Fill out the form, choose your payment method and they are on their way.


Intrigued by not sure yet? Fill out your details and I'll let you know once there's an opportunity to join a workshop or any other activity (still in the making)

A few technicalities:

  • The cards are 5*6 cm, a good size to have always in your bag to take out in the right moment.

  • The deck includes 45 cards and a manual in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

  • Each card has an Angel! In English, Hebrew and Arabic. 

Additional languages are in the making, let me know if you have any interesting suggestions!​

10 decks and beyond

15% discount

5 decks and beyond

10% discount

1 deck

70 ILS \
20 USD

Thinking of getting 100 decks or more?
I can customize them for you, talk to me

Neta Gruber Perry

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