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The Full Story

How did it all begin?

I first encountered the Angel Cards a decade ago at Kibbutz Samar in the Arava valley in Israel, where I volunteered on the date palm plantation.

צילום של עצי דקל בערבה
פרח כתום

The Angels were part of a special tradition of Kabbalat Shabbat (welcoming the Sabbath), which was my favorite moment of the week; it created a certain magic, a unique connection between everyone present. When I left the kibbutz after a few months, my friends gave me a touching parting gift: Angel Cards they had created especially for me. I put the cards in my pocket, and they’ve been there ever since. Over the years that followed, they have accompanied me on trips and workshops, Friday night dinners, family gatherings, meetups with friends, and at times just with myself, when I feel the need for a deep breath and moment of connection.


When I met my partner Eitan, the Angels quickly became an indispensable part of our relationship. With their help we found a way to connect, to speak from the heart, to share and to set intentions for the next stages of our shared journey. For our wedding, we decided to create Angel Card sets for all our guests, to take home and with them on life’s journey, good Angels to accompany them wherever they went. We translated the cards into three languages–Hebrew, Arabic and English–and colored, printed, cut and packaged them into small boxes. It was our first time giving the Angel Cards to our friends, and we didn’t know how they would react.


To our delight, it was a resounding success. We began receiving message after message from people telling us how much the Angels helped them in complicated moments, how much the cards gave family members the opportunity to open up and speak, how much power the positive words gave to someone in the moments before giving birth, or one friend who shared that at a difficult time in his life he pulled an Angel at random which was exactly what he needed to strengthen him in that moment. More and more such messages continue to arrive to this day, and they continue to be extremely moving.


The power of the cards spread by word of mouth and I received requests and orders for more Angels. I came to understand that the Angels are a gift that begs to be given. After a long process of development, learning and fine-tuning, I’ve arrived at the Angel Cards in their current form, and I am delighted and excited to share them with you.


The Angel Cards were a huge gift that came into my life, enabling me to discover new sides of myself and to deepen my connection with myself and those around me. Despite (or perhaps thanks to) their simplicity, the Angels facilitate intuitive connections in countless different ways. A magic is created that is hard to explain–but easy to feel. Come discover it for yourself.

פרח כתום
קבוצת חברים משחקת עם הקלפים

I Want Malachim

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