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פרח צהוב ברקע

When is the right moment for the Malachim?

There are endless ways to use the Angel Cards. It can be in a gathering with old friends or a family dinner, as an icebreaker activity or a project summary meeting at work or school, before setting out on a journey or at the outset of a new stage of life, or when meeting people from afar and wanting to use the opportunity to reveal something new about them and about ourselves. The Angels are also a perfect activity for birthdays, bridal and baby showers, or any other occasion for celebration. 


 The Angel Cards provide us with a moment of pause, of reflection and connection at significant junctures in our lives and in everyday moments.

hands holding cards on table background

Malachim (Angel) Cards

The Malachim (Angel) Cards are an invitation to connect with ourselves and with those around us. On every card is one word, simple but powerful. This simplicity allows us to depart for a moment from the overwhelming day-to-day and to connect with what is truly important. The Angel Cards were created in the ideal size to fit in a pocket, to accompany us always and to emerge at just the right moment.

פרח כתום
ידיים מחזיקות חפיסת קלפים
צילום תקריב של קופסת הקלפים והקלפים

What’s in the box?

A set of Angel Cards includes 45 cards (6x5 cm) and an explanatory insert in Hebrew, Arabic and English. On the front of each card is one word (in all three languages).


On the back is a unique colorful image which, when combined with the rest of the cards in the set, creates a beautiful mandala. The full mandala image is pictured on the back of the box to allow you to put together the cards as a puzzle if you like!

The cards are printed and assembled by people with disabilities

What can you do with the Angels?

Large Groups

In large gatherings, the Angels can gently generate connections and establish a positive atmosphere within a few moments.

מעגלים גדולים
מעגלים קטנים

Small Groups

In small group settings, the Angel Cards can create a space for deep and intimate conversation.

For Organizatins

“I chose to give Neta’s Angel Cards as part of a Rosh Hashanah (new year’s) gift to my employees. It was a lovely addition of positive words for the new year that integrated perfectly into the package. We did an activity with the cards, giving each other wishes for the year ahead, and everyone loved it, even the more shy ones in the group. Since then, I’ve kept the cards on my desk and they accompany me everywhere I go–to every meeting and encounter where I want to add additional meaning. I warmly recommend them.”


Anna Michel,

VP of Human Resources at startups

For Organizations & Companies

The Angel Cards are a unique and meaningful gift for holidays, leadership programs and tour groups, hi-tech companies, educators, therapists or in general, people who love people.


The card deck can be customized with your organization’s logo in bulk purchases of 100 decks or more.

פרח צהוב
גבר מחזיק שני קלפים עם המילים אהבה ויצירתיות

I want Malachim

פרח כתום

Neta Gruber Perry

A Connector of Worlds

Creating bridges and connections–this is what excites me. Connections between people, worlds, cultures, hearts. I do this professionally as an international business development executive in hi-tech, and in the personal realm, in conversations, encounters, workshops and as a way of life.

נטע מחזיקה קלף עם המילה צחוק
קבוצת חברים יושבת ומשוחחת על הקלפים

"I use the cards all the time! They are fun to just pull out randomly. It always adds light to every conversation. I love them and you both."

Sarah Michal Waxman, NYC

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Neta Gruber Perry

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פרח לבן

I Want Malachim

קופסת הקלפים והקלפים
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